Thursday, 24 February 2011

Interview Tips for Freshers

Interview is the gate from which one can get entry in organization as an employee and for fresher it always a great challenging task.

If you are appearing in so many Interview and not getting selection you will not only lose you confidence but also closing doors of those companies for next some years to get re-entry. So it is very important that a fresher take starting Interview very seriously.

In present time maximum jobs are in private sector and candidate get selection in company through Personal Interviews. Normally a personal Interview is an Interaction with prospective employer or recruiter of employer who want assess that this person will be suitable for our organization or not. A candidate gets only 15-30 minutes to express that his most suitable candidate for organization and it is very hard so we have to focus on it.

Difference between interview of fresher and experienced candidate

An experience person is assessed by employer on the behalf of his previous Job responsibilities, performance, result and similarities or capabilities with present job for which candidate is appeared for interview.

Instated of this a fresher has a wide range of career option and employer focus on general aspects or general behavioral, attitudinal and IQ.

Steps for fresher to get into job and do and not do

It is very hard for Me to Explain all in this small essay because normaly for all this activity I take one full day session but I try to Explain in short with some main points.

Preparation for Interview

1. First check the companies of positions which have relevance to your career interest or Educational and interest/ Do not appear for interview without matching the profiles
2. Study the company profiles through it website, newspaper & other possible sources and prepares the notes which have relevance to the position for which you are going to appear for Interview.
3.  Prepare or reschedule your Resume according to that like and high-light the points which may have some relevance with the position or company.
4.  Reach for Interview in proper dress and on accurate time.

During Interview-

What employer wants to find.
1. Stability- when you join any company as a fresher you need some training to execute the work and normally a training program is very expensive activity for any organization and he do not want to make any expense on a candidate which may be not stable.                                                                          (So the first most important point to get the job is making feel to employer that you will be a candidate who will work with the organization long in whatever the situation.) if you get success in this point you will get 80% clearance
2. The second and most important part is accountability. An Employer wants know that the candidate is how much responsible/ serious and accountable towards his job or task may be offer t you in future. It has also equal worth. As stability
3. Smartness- here the word smartness means, fast learning attitude, team player, sincerity,  presentable, pleasant, and theory knowledge of your study.

Do not Do-
1. Salary- every company has its structure of According to positions & experiences so do not show your expectation. Just answer as per company norms & Job responsibility and tell them that you will prove yourselves as per salary offered by company or your desire.  Because salary is always against your Job responsibilities of result so need to bargain that. If you want to ask then ask about growth path for you.
2. Do not say that you are fresher and you are here that you want to learn and then want make your career. ( employer does not open office to give you training. Just say that you are capable and just need guidance of work culture or techniques of organization.
3. To start  a career if you are not topper you have to start from small companies of individual forms,  so in that case do not tell them that in future you want go in big organization after learning.
4. Do not hurt Ego- Employer is head of organization either it is big or small. He has some Ego in front of employees either he shows or not. So be conscious that you should not heart Ego of employer during Interview or trial period.

This are some basic Points which can multiplies you selection chances in interview also make eligible yourself to get offer of Higher salaries and designations.

Dilip Sharma
Hr Consultant

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