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Career Analyses BY Horoscope

About Astrology

From the first day of civilization, human being was keen to know about the sky and the stars. He watched with a keen eye and amazed about the wonders of brightening stars.  Their position and movement were the matter of surprise. The Sun the Moon moved periodically sweeping away a graph of time. Days after days months after months passed away reveling the secrets behind it.  The study of the motion of these stars along with its effects on human being with a logical mind is sad to be astrology. (The Jyotish in Hindi).
What we are is the first question to be answered yet. The nature of question is philosophical. Even than we will try to answer it in a practical and pragmatic way using the reasoning behind it .Astrology in some sense is profound to answer it in its own manner. Astrology has undoubtedly been known to most of the nations in the world, but Egypt, ancient Chaldea, Japan, Ancient China and Hindustan are prominent amongst all. We will not go deep into the history of it. But it is necessary understand the basics behind the knowledge of astrology.
What is necessary to know, is the exact vibratory power of the ego who is putting himself down into the manifestation, and its correlation with the vibrations of whole of the universe. It will not be wise to limit ourselves to the body only. It is more wide and vital.

About Shaleen Horoscope Services

Career Advice by Janmkundali
Here at Shaleen horoscope services, we provide you general and specific analysis regarding your career on the basis of your birth chart .the work is being carried out by veteran experts of astrology.
Mind that your birth chart speaks about you in very detail as if it is a mirror of insight. Jyotish is a directive science which suggests about you the best. What to do, in which direction should you proceed to get more success.
We are ready to help you
Here we try to answers all the question related to your career and business life in the context of your Birth chart (Kundali)
  • What Course is suitable for you?
  • Which field is suitable for you?
  • Regarding transfer and change of job;
  • Which placement is suitable for you?
  • Which place is suitable for you?
  • The of hurdles in career life;
  • How to face them?
  • Whether to opt job or business;
  • Partnership is suitable or to form a company.
  • A correct decision leads you to your top where as a confused decision may ruin you life. It is better to consult then to be in allusion.
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